2020 This Is The Place, videoinstallation, Wood Wood, Copenhagen, (DK)
2020 Life OK, weaving exhibition, Officinet (DK)
2020 Novembre Magazine, Performance with Astrid Sonne and Isabella Killoran, Paris Fashion Week (FR)
2020 69 Silk Shirts, Tableau (DK)
2019 All That Matters and Then Some, Live performance and atelier installations, Wood Wood, London (UK)
2019 Salon de Normandy by The Community, FIAC, Paris Art Week (FR)
2019 Aerial Body Commercial, Zoom With Your Feet (Make Friends), Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art (DK)
2018 Spring/ Summer Forever (2019), Fan Out, Paris Fashion Week, Maison du Danemark, Paris (FR)
2018 Spring/ Summer Forever (2019), Fan Out, Copenhagen Fashion Week SS19 (DK)
2017 Level of Glamour Study No. 1, Tekstil performance with Esben Weile Kjær and Anne Sofie Madsen, Andersen Contemporary (DK)
2017 Phantom Limb, Textile performance with Lukas Hoffmann, curated by Institut for Succes 2.0, National Museum of Denmark (DK)
2016 A/W16, collaboration with Anne Sofie Madsen, Gallery Etage Projects (DK)