LOUISE LYNGH BJERREGAARD is a young experimental fashion brand based in Copenhagen. The label works across seasons with a focused curiosity towards investigating and merging contrasting materials and redefining traditional knitwear. The garments are centred around ready-to-wear and couture pieces infused with nostalgia, hi-tech and the labour of hands. Most of the garments are created using deadstock and a 0-waste policy with a focus on technical sensibility.

Louise herself has worked for Anne Sofie Madsen, Eckhaus Latta and Asger Juel Larsen amongst others and the brand also works with presenting garments as installations and has been featured in galleries and institutions, such as Maison du Danemark (Paris, FR), FIAC in Paris (FR), the National Gallery of Denmark (DK) and Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art (DK).

In 2020 Louise received the Danish Art Foundation’s 2 year working grant as a part of the programme “The Young Artistic Elite” for her interdisciplinary work with fashion, art and knitwear.

For more information please contact press@louiselynghbjerregaard.net

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