LOUISE LYNGH BJERREGAARD is a Paris-based atelier that works across seasons blurring the boundaries between ready-to-wear and couture.

Founded on craftsmanship, the love of textiles and a meticulous attention to details, the brand holds a strong focus on technical sensibility while uniting art, fashion and subversion.

Recognized for expanding the definition of knitwear; the appreciation of material and recognizing artisanal techniques, remains the core of the atelier.

Being a close alumni of both Eckhaus Latta and Anne Sofie Madsen, interdisciplinary work with fashion and art is no stranger to the eponymous brand and after graduating in 2017, Louise’s work has been featured at institutions such as Maison du Danemark (Paris, FR), National Gallery of Denmark (DK) and Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art (DK).

In 2020 Louise received the Danish Art Foundation’s 2 year working grant as a part of the programme “The Young Artistic Elite”.

In early 2021 the atelier was nominated as a finalist at the 2021 Zalando Sustainability Award but withdrew from the prize due to Covid-19.

For more information please contact press@louiselynghbjerregaard.net

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